Affiliate Program Conditions:
  • ▪ Payout in cash is available only for valid/registered Companies (legal entities). In case of our affiliate program partner is natural person (not a company), then valid sole proprietorship or equivalent is needed. To get payout in cash you have to be able to issue Invoice for us to pay you.
  • ▪ Minimal payout in cash is 30EUR. Please note, that there is no such limitation if you want to use your commission balance to pay invoices for our services.
  • ▪ To avoid fraud, any form of payout is valid after 60 days counted from the day of referred customer payment for the services, and only if ordered service is still active.
  • ▪ If referred customer cancels his services and asks for refund, then adequate related commission will be deducted from the Affiliate Program partner balance.
  • ▪ Commission balance must be withdrawn within 1 year period counted from the day of commission adding to the available to withdraw balance. If commission is not withdrawn from balance for more than 1 year, then this past due commission is removed from the balance.
  • ▪ We can send payouts to the following payment methods: PayPal, and EUR Bank Transfer.
Important! We are not tolerating SPAM and other unacceptable referral URL distribution methods. If we notice, that our partner distributes referral link via unacceptable methods, then such partner's account will be closed.